Sunday, December 13, 2009

Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon

So, I have never been a runner. (I am no Meikle-the Tibbitts cousins will understand.) Since Chett was born I have been running a couple miles a couple days a week with some good neighborhood friends. We decided that maybe we could train for a half-marathon, so we started training this summer and worked up to running 11 miles on Thanksgiving morning. We probably do a lot more talking than running but we have a good time and solve all the world's problems while we run.
We went to Vegas the first weekend of December (also the first weekend of the National Finals Rodeo-Bonus). We shopped and ate, and shopped and ate, and then ran and ate some more. There were 27,000 runners. I kept saying that I could not belive the starting line and all the runners. We started at the Mandalay Bay and ran up the strip and back down. It was so hard and so fun at the same time. We finished the 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 19 minutes which we were proud of for our first time.


We went to the Pumpkin walk in Shelley and trick or treated first, Chett was asleep in the car with Grandma, so that is why there is a seperate picture of him.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Day of School

Keller and Isabel are in the 5th and 2nd grade school at Wapello Elementary. I really love the school and their teachers this year. They get to go to school with good friends and teammates and dance friends. Olivia started kindergarten at Irving Kindergarten Center. All the kids in Blackfoot go together for kindergarten. She has four friends from Wapello in her class. We are lucky.


Me, Mom, and Jordan loaded the kids in the car for a quick overnight trip to Jackson right before school started. We went and watched Wade and Kyndall in the rodeo and then ate and walked around Jackson and ate some more. My Mom found us a fun little cabin to sleep in, it had a queen bunk bed up and down.
These pictures crack me up because Olivia was pouting on the other side of the antlers and she is real happy in the picture of the grandkids and Grandma. I kind of like her attitude sometimes (reminds me of Grandma)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baseball and more baseball.

Keller has been playing baseball non-stop since March. He played on the Blackfoot Broncos traveling team and we played every weekend through June. Then the played the all-star season. They played in three tournaments. They played sixteen games in three tournaments and only lost one game. They won the Pocatello tournament, the Blackfoot tournament, and lost their one game in Bear Lake to the Idaho Falls Chuckers, which was a tough game. It was fun and now we don't know what to do with ourselves. We need to cram our summer vacation into one week after the county fair and before football.

It's great to be eight.

Isy turned eight on June 12th. We went to Becky's for three days to celebrate. The boys went the Utah State Football camp and we did everything on Isy's wish list. Shopping at the mall, lunch with the girls, and a trip to the zoo.
She was baptized on the Fourth of July. We went to the baptism and then had a barbeque with our family and went to town for the fireworks. I think it was a great day to be baptized, she won't ever forget what day it happened on!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just call him crash.

Keller was jumping of Cody's truck and dunking the basketball and ended up with a small concussion, a black eye, and a black ear.